Sunday, June 6, 2010

What's In My Ipod Now :)

OMG! I am soo loving Twitter right Now! Melinda Watts sent me a message! Yay! LOL! Seriously, I listen to her cd everyday. Her voice is amazing. There is a little girl who goes to my church and anytime she has to ride with me she begs to listen to the song- Happy! I keep it on repeat. My favorite part is-
~Everywhere I go, people keep asking me, girl why are you so happy? I know they wonder why but I can't describe it and even when I try, I get so Excited because I'm happy that he loved me, I'm happy that he SAVED my Soul :)!!!~

I totally feel that way!!! I'm soo HAPPY!! HAPPY!! HAPPY!! LOL!

Also, Helen Baylor is one of my favorite gospel singers. Her cd came out before I was born but it's still one of my favorites. I especially love the part when she says,

~I had a praying Grandmother and I knew enough to call on the name of JESUS!~

Love it! These two women are so inspiring :) Check out their cd!

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