Saturday, June 5, 2010

Batman! Cindy's Version lol

It was a dark Summer night... the stars twinkled in the sky. A cool breeze whipped her hair as she hurried down the street towards the subway. She had been warned about the dangers of traveling at night through Shanadoah City alone but she couldn't leave her blackberry at the office over night. She was expecting a phone call from a mysterious caller. They had never met but yet she found him... fascinating. What started off as simply a accidental call to a wrong number turned into a daily chat each night that she enjoyed. It was strange and she hadn't told anyone about the mysterious caller. She didn't have to. They would never meet. Some days she wished that they would be able to but in this day and time people couldn't be trusted. The other day she had read in the newspaper about a lady being held at gun point on the bridge that was walking distance from her house. The sound of her high heels echoed on the pavement and then she heard the sound of shoes hitting the pavement coming up quickly behind her. It was probably just someone on their way home. Wasn't she? But why did the footsteps began to sound faster as if she were about to be attacked? Quickly she turned but not fast enough. She didn't see his face but she felt a strong blow to her head and her purse ripped from her arm. She fell to the ground and that's when she saw him or was it a man? She couldn't be sure. He was so fast. The criminal turned to run but it was to late. He was knocked to the ground and a tall figure stood towering over the thief. She watched as her purse fell open on the ground. Blood trickled from her temples. Oh God, She was bleeding! Why had she gone back to the office? What had she been thinking? That was it, she hadn't been thinking. Just then the thief scrambled to his feet and ran off into the dark night. She had been saved but by who? He turned towards her and she scrambled to her feet. She had to thank this stranger for saving her life. He walked over towards her as the moon illuminated his face... he wore a mask. She could only make out the curve of his lips. It was, Batman! He spoke, I believe this belongs to you, Miss?? Her apple red blackberry glimmered in his hand. Was he asking her a question? She wasn't sure. Her head began to throb. My name is Stacy, she replied. She fought to keep her eyelids from shutting. The pain was unbearable. His eyes were dark as the night. That was her last thought as the dark night began to spin around her...