Friday, March 2, 2012

Wedding Planning! The fun, the laughs, the stories :)

I've decided to include a journal of my thoughts and aspirations during this special time in my life...

My fiance is such a brilliant man. I love him completely and I'm so happy that my family loves him too. They are having such a great time planning for the wedding.

I thought planning for the wedding was going to be a complete headache but turns out it's pretty fun. It's funny how wedding planning can bring out the Crazies in people. I'm still laughing at my dad's reaction when I refused the idea of wearing a tiara. Who would have thought my dad would go half postal over me not wearing head gear? Lmbo! He says I'm his Princess and it's important to him that I do it and so I caved. It seems I always cave for the people I love but don't we all ?? :)

My sisters are all being wonderful. It's such an advantage to have so many of them... five to be exact. One was able to pick the Venue. Another one did my Invitations. They are handling the food, drinks, and decorations. They've been so supportive and I'll forever be grateful for them for all their efforts to make the wedding a success.

Last night we cranked up some music and invited one of my besties over to help put the labels and seals on the envelopes to go out. (I'll add photos later) It was such a blast just to spend time with two of my favorite girls and reminisce on all the fun we've shared over the years. God has really been good to us. Where would I be without his Love?

Here is the website I've been working on during my down time at work :)

Vera Wang is the most well known designer for wedding dresses and invitations on the planet. I love how simple, lovely, and elegant Vera Wang designs her invitations. I love the idea of having engraved/ embossed paper. Nothing too over the top but classy. Here is a photo. As soon as I get home I'll upload a photo of mines. I went with engraved Kissing doves, Names in Pink, and a sheer pink ribbon :)