Friday, June 25, 2010

Batman Part 4 Cindy's Version

Justin watched as Stacy rounded the corner. This was going to be interesting. Not only was she delusional but she was a criminal. A feisty criminal. The events that had just occurred could and should land her in the slammer overnight, but just as the thought came to him, he dismissed it. He would never report what she had done. He found himself sympathizing with her and her actions although they were unnecessary. He contemplated whether he should follow her. The woman was clearly accident prone. He pulled himself together and crossed the street. As he opened the door to the diner he heard the door chimes announce his arrival. Mike looked up from what seem to be the biggest burger that was probably on the menu. "Man, what took you so long?" He thought about what his friends reaction would be if he told him what was really going on... of course he knew that he wouldn't. "I had to take a phone call. My cousin is in town for a short while, so I have to run. I'll catch a cab so don't bother rushing." Mike nodded his head, "I'll catch up with you back at the station." his partner muttered something under his breath that Justin almost didn't catch. As he left the diner he thought about Mike's comment. He was right. This wasn't turning out to be such a good celebration but for as long as he could remember, his days had always been interrupted by the problems of others. It was a part of his life now. He pulled a tiny black device from his phone and pressed the familiar blue key. Moments later his ride arrived. Only he was aware that nobody was driving it.
She didn't slow her steps until she was sure that he hadn't followed her. She looked both ways before entering a Subway restaurant that was on the street corner. While she was running she realized how she had recognized the voice of the stranger. It was Justin. Her Justin. This was impossible. Justin was a cop? She wondered why his occupation never came up during any of their conversations. She had never thought to ask. She shook her head and took a seat by the window. It was a small world. She would have never thought that he would be a cop. Cops were pathetic and weak in Shanadoah City. All they did was stand by and watch as innocent people were mugged and killed everyday. The criminals ran the City and everyone knew it. He was definitely not the person she thought he was but somehow she still felt embarrassed by her actions. If he recognized her, which he hadn't let on then he probably thought she was some kind of lunatic. She didn't want to explain things to him so she had kept running. He couldn't help her anyway. Nobody could...
He parked  his car in the alley and made his way to the restaurant. She was so predictable. Why was he even going in to talk to her. He probably shouldn't but for some reason he felt drawn to her. Almost as if he were responsible for her. She couldn't take care of herself, of that he was sure. She would only be a problem to him. He stopped half way down the alley and began making his way back to his car. He was strict on keeping his personal life and business separated but he owed her an explanation. He didn't have to tell her everything so he wouldn't. He would just give her enough to pacify her and make her give up on this ridiculous search of hers. He turned and made strides to the front of the restaurant. He spotted her as he pushed open the door. He pretended not to notice the sharp intake of her breath and the eye rolls she directed at him. He pulled up a chair and tried to maintain his patience. He recalled a scripture his mother would say before she passed away. It was one of the few things he remembered about her. Before he began he said the scripture to himself -A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger. "I apologize for what just happened. It wasn't the way I envisioned our first encounter." Her facial expression seemed to relax and she unfolded her arms and with a straight face, she replied, "So, you didn't come here to arrest me?" He wondered for a moment if she was being sarcastic. Obviously she was trying to be difficult but he wouldn't let it get to him. He explained to her that he was only doing his job. "Can you give me a break, woman?"  He watched as she studied him. "I certainly gave you one considering the fact that I was the one assaulted in broad daylight." That brought on a chuckle from her. " I guess I can do that." she responded. She placed her hands out on the table and leaned forward. That had to be a good sign, he thought to himself. He loosened his tie just as he felt the vibration go off in his right pocket. He sucked his teeth and immediately stood up. "I'm sorry I have to go, duty calls." She looked a little disappointed but he couldn't be sure. "I'd like to call you tonight, if that's okay?" She gazed up at him before responding, "I'd like that very much." He was a bit shocked but relieved at her response. He knew he had to run. Someone was in trouble and he couldn't be late. He turned and and walked out of the restaurant towards his car that was parked in the alley. The engine started when he was within 10ft. He hit the yellow button beside the steering wheel which sent the car soaring ahead. Today was turning out to be not so bad after all. He took through the dark alleys of Shanadoah City once again, eager to face whatever dangers awaited him...

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