Thursday, June 3, 2010

*The Dolce & Gabbana dress*

I spotted this dress on the dvd cover of kimora's life in the fast lane series ( I love that show by the way :) Below Ashanti is wearing it also. I soo loved her on the movie- John Tucker Must Die. It was soo funny! Anyway, back to the DRESS!! lol! It is ridiculously pricey but it's soo fab! I made two changes in Ashanti's picture because #1 the dress was cut kinda low so I fixed it! LoL! #2 I used to really like the rapper standing next to her but God delivered me from listening to that kind of music. Thank God! So many of the rappers just degrade women and portray them as sex objects but Women ARE a GIFT from GOD and they should be adored and treated with respect! We are elect and precious to God 1Peter 2:5 *You gotta know who you ARE* With that said, I say take back what the devil stole from YOU! Be fashionable but don't get to the point that you are over exposed. I'm a DIVA 4 Jesus! The same goes for the men too! Pull up those pants and what is it with all that bling? lol! Back to the dress. I sometimes ramble on and on when I'm passionate about something. I absolutely LOVE this dress and Ashanti is soo pretty and she wears it well:) So, check out the dress I can't afford :( It cost well over two thousand dollars!! Two Grand!! Yikes!! But it's HOTT! :)->


  1. What is wrong with that one pic?

  2. If I posted the actual picture you would see what I was talking about. I don't really want to put it on here... It's scandalous! lol