Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Holy Ghost Girl in Sign

My mom and I watched this video together today. This woman did an awesome job with her sign language. I love this song! It's by Canton Jones titled, Holy Ghost Girl.Her facial expressions were perfect. If the video doesn't come up right away, click on the link below that says - watch it on Oh, and remember to temporarily allow the pop ups. Enjoy! Kudos to the Diva in the video! I've often seen sign language in church but never quite like this...


  1. I like this post OMG!!!!! B/c im a holyghost girlllll and i plan on staying that wayyyy tooo :-) Thanks for posting this sis <3 yu

  2. Aaaww... I'm soo proud of you. Never forget how much you are worth to God. You are valuable and loved. We are his precious pearls :) Love Ya!

  3. Thanks, Sis. C:

    I love my sweet Jesus-Joy! The Holy Ghost will make you do what's right. It is our assurance that God is in control of everything. One word from the Lord is all you need!

    *This is a wonderful video=)

    Your Next Door

  4. You can stop by my apartment #227 later on and rock out with me to the old Winans CD. LOL! I don't have to go to work tomorrow! Hahahahehehe!