Friday, June 11, 2010

Part 2 Batman- Cindy's Version


... Stacy was awaken by the sound of a blaring lawnmower nearby. The neighbors must have started in early today she thought to herself as she listened to the steady hum of her ceiling fan twirling above her. She buried her head into her pillow with full intentions of going back to sleep. Her head felt as if she had been kicked by wild horses. What on Earth had happen to her last night? She couldn't remember. She scratched her head as she pondered the question. It was only then that she felt the bandage that was wrapped around her temples. It all came rushing back to her! The night in the alley. The stranger that had attacked her and the mysterious man who had protected her.
Panic rushed through her body. How had she gotten home? Had someone been in her house!? She set up quickly. All the blood seemed to rush straight to her head. She felt sick. Whoever had brought her home could possibly still be in her house. Did that mean that she was safe or in danger? Clearly she had been unconscious when she was brought home. She remembered the man in the mask. He had saved her. He wouldn't be holding her captive here in her own home? Or would he? She had to get out of here and fast! She felt the bandage at the top of her head and stared in the mirror that was place strategically in front of her bed. Someone had placed the wrap neatly around her head. It was almost... professional? This was crazy! What would she tell the cops?
She slowly placed her feet on the cold wooden floor. She was careful not to make a sound. She hadn't heard any movements in the house but that didn't mean that a criminal wasn't still there. He could have planned the whole thing! He could be downstairs waiting for her. She had to think fast. The stairs was not an option but how else would she get out of the house? She stared at the door praying that the door nob wouldn't turn and reveal a stranger. It would probably be the last person she'd ever see. Think Stacy! Inside she was screaming. She was trapped in her own home!
She looked around her room that was once a place of relaxation and warmth. She couldn't just sit here and wait for him to come and get her! Her eyes wandered over the top of her big red oak dresser set. It had been a gift from her mother. Oh, God! Her dear mother! She fought to keep the tears from falling down her heart shaped face. She choked backed the sobs that threaten to leave her throat. Her tears stung in her eyes. For as long as she could remember it had always been just she and her mother. Her mother would be devastated.
Another female found dead in Shanadoah City. It wasn't uncommon.
She wiped away her tears and peered at her dresser again. Suddenly she had an idea. She could push the dresser in front of the door. That would keep out the criminal and then... hopefully that would give her some time to think of an escape. She knew it wasn't the best idea but she had to do something. She walked slowly to the dresser. As she rested her hands across the top of the wood, she positioned herself to push as hard as she could... her eyes focused on a white piece of paper. It was placed under a bottle of her perfume
The letters were sharp and neat. They seemed to stand out from the white crisp paper surrounding them. Was this some kind of sick joke? She had never seen that writing before... she picked up the paper and began to read it quickly.
It said...
Dear Stacy,
You are safe. I did what any stranger would do under last nights circumstances. I found your address in your wallet. I know that you have questions. Forget them. Forget me. DON'T TRY TO FIND ME! You would only be putting yourself in danger. ~B
Stacy jumped at the piercing shrill and vibration that was coming from the front pocket of her jean skirt. The sound had shooked through her whole body. She pulled her blackberry from her pocket and focused on the blue tinted screen. It was an incoming call from Justin. The man she had been anticipating a call from last night. It was ironic. Last night she had been dying to talk to him and now she felt as if she was going to pass out and die any moment from sheer fear. Her chest felt as if it were on fire! She coughed violently. She needed to-BREATHE!! She had been holding her breath while reading the strange letter.
She steadied her hands and pressed the answer button on her phone. Justin's voice came in deep and strong. "Stacy, I've been calling you all night. I was worried when you didn't answer."
Stacy held the phone in a death grip to her ear but she didn't answer. Should she tell Justin about what had happen in the last 24hours? What would he think? She didn't know what to make of her current situation herself. She struggled to come up with a decent response. She couldn't concentrate. I... I ... I gotta go, she stammered as she terminated the call. She knew she should tell Justin or someone but she couldn't... not yet. Not until she had figured things out on her own. There was one main thing on her mind at that moment... She had to find out the identity of the man in the mask. It would be hopeless to involve the cops. She didn't need protection from him anyway. He had saved her life after all and everyone knew that the cops in Shanadoah City were unreliable. She rested her weight on her dresser and peered out her window. She never left her window open. Her bedroom window looked as if it had been pried open. She was on the second floor. There wasn't a tree or stairs leading up to her room from outdoors. This was getting stranger by the minute. She stared out her window as the wind danced beneath her curtain... She would never be able to rest in this home again without answers. She had so many questions. She had to find the man in the mask...

~Justin~ Justin stared at his cellphone as the light flashed off. Stacy was clearly not herself this morning. It was obvious that she was upset. He wished that he could take the day off and comfort her but he had a busy day ahead of him. So many people relied on him to get the job done. His job was his life. He didn't have time in his life for much of anything else. Stacy would be okay and he was sure of it. Besides, women always overreacted. That was mainly why he had decided to remain a bachelor. He needed to remain focus. Unfocused men didn't survive long on the rough streets of Shanahoah City. He strapped on his badge and made his way out the door towards his vehicle. He didn't regret the life he chose. He put his car in drive as he headed towards Shanadoah City Police Station. He stopped at the light as an older pedestrian made her way across the street. Another day of fighting crime he thought to himself as the light turned green. Another day on the streets of Shanadoah City...

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