Monday, July 5, 2010

Batman Part 5 Cindy's Version

He spotted them early. They were dressed in all black and skullies. He was going up against some of the most clever crooks in the city. Somehow they had manage to break into the small bank along the edge of the city, without setting off any alarms. A civilian nearby had called in when she notice two gentlemen standing suspiciously around the building. This wouldn't be difficult at all. He waited until he saw the shorter of the two signal for their exit. "Going somewhere?" he asked, startling the man. It was always the same with thieves. They either ran or they tried in vain to kill him. It wasn't that he couldn't be killed but it wouldn't happen tonight. They were smart enough to break into a bank silently but they weren't fighters. He could tell by the look in their eyes that they were afraid and their body language showed panic. He pleaded with them sternly, "Drop the money bag."  The two men glanced at each other and then up at a window at the top of the building. He saw a figure standing and peering down on them below. He hadn't notice anyone before. So, they weren't alone but it didn't matter. He would take out the big one first and then run down the short one. He wouldn't kill them. He never did. He just roughed them up just enough so that escaping the cops wouldn't be an option. He took a step forward just as a bullet pierced through the night air. The shorter of the two men dropped to the ground before him.  He hollered in pain and dropped the duffel bag at his feet. There was nothing he could do. Obviously this guy was used as bait. Whoever shot him was not after the money but they wanted him. His companion darted his eyes from the window and then back at Batman. Confusion and regret filled his eyes. "She paid us. I didn't want to. I needed the money." Batman turned his back to the crook. "Get out of here!" he yelled over his shoulders as he ran towards the opening of the building. He smelled her perfume before he saw her. She wore black patent leather boots and a fitted black dress. Her hair fell down her shoulders as she made her way down the stairs. The smell of vanilla filled the air. It was a mixture of lavender and a familiar strange smell... by the time he recalled the scent it was too late. He inhaled the gas and felt his limbs go limp. He heard the sound of her piercing laugh as he fell to the ground. He watched her bow shaped lips form into a twisted smile. She taunted him, "Ha! Batman, you came?" He listen to the click of her heels hitting the cement as she came closer, holding a needle in her right hand. "This won't hurt you. I promise... but then again, promises were meant to be broken." He felt the sharp pain run through his neck. Her laughter rang through the night as he went unconscious.

To be continued...

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