Friday, July 9, 2010

Batman Part 6 Cindy's Version

Esperanda sat by the window contemplating on how she would kill him. Once he was dead the city would be hers to control. For five years he had been ruining her plans. He needed to suffer. A crashing noise interrupted her thoughts. It would seem that her sleeping concoction had worn off. She loaded her pistol and slid it into the top of her boots. They could have been partners but he would never agree to her terms and she enjoyed playing by her own rules. Only one of them could walk out of this building alone. Her plan had worked just as she knew it would.  She walked into the dim room where she held him captive. He was no longer tied to the chair. She knew he wouldn't be. Batman was .... different but, he wouldn't hurt a female, would he? She took a step into the room and gasp as his hands rounded her neck. "Take one step and I'll snap your neck." His tone was low and menacing. She wasn't sure how he had managed to get out of the device she had worked so hard on but it didn't matter. So, Batman wasn't such a good guy after all. He would kill her if he had to, she thought to herself. She didn't respond as she jabbed her elbow into his side. She hated him. Batman twisted her arm behind her back as he faced her. "I could kill you right now, Esparanda. Let's make this easy. I'm taking you to St. Christine's Ward and you will stay there. If you try to escape you will be at the mercy of the guards. I suggest you stay there and get the help that you need." She wouldn't resist him this time. She was no match for his physical strength but she would break out of the psychiatric ward and she would come for him again. He was all muscle and no brains. If he had brains, he would have killed her when he had the chance...

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