Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Go YaYa! Kudos To America's Next Top Model Contestant- YaYa Decosta

YaYa was on Ugly Betty! I was soo proud of YaYa for not letting Tyra Banks cut off all her hair like she did those other girls. I couldn't understand why she forced those girls to chop of all their hair when she wore a wig every show? Things that make you go, huh/hmmmm?? Well, YaYa threw a fit and remained true to herself. Good for her! Now, out of all of the ANTM winners and participants she is the most successful. She has been on Ugly Betty (that's my show :), Take The Lead, Law and Order, Special Victims Unit and some movie/play with Danny Glover. Power to the people! She is beautiful! Go afro, Girl! Go! Lol!                      

For some reason this picture of her from a movie reminds me of my mom in a photo from back in the day!

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