Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today's Inspiration

Starting to realize that sometimes you have to suffer before you get your blessing. Sometimes, it seems like I am constantly going through something... suffering. My only comfort is in the fact that I know that the Lord is with me. Currently, I'm listening to Apostle Bonner preach out of Job (A delayed Answer To Your Prayer) and he was saying that if God is with you then that is more than enough. This particular message is exactly what I needed to hear. Oh, what an encouragement that all things work together for the good for those who love the Lord! I am determined not to faint or give up. The Lord knows how much I can take. I realize that he is taking me through these trials to make me better. I'm trying with everything I have in me to cross every T and dot every I but the more I try it seems like it gets harder and people around me demand even more. But, I'm coming out like PURE Gold! I'm going to push a little harder and keep praising his name through my storm. I'm going to shine everywhere for Jesus! I accept the fact that Jesus is teaching me and getting me ready for something bigger. I'm humbling myself before him. I am at his mercy. I realize I can't do any of this alone.I praise God for calling me and choosing me. I trust God to answer my prayers at his own time. He has a divine purpose for everything and I'm going to wait it out. I've learned that you can make a mess out of things by trying to go ahead of God. It is such a relief to just fully trust God and wait on him to deliver  me his way! I'm beginning to see things from a different set of eyes. Now, it's almost time to go to church and I'm so excited about going tonight. I am encouraged and I have pleasure in knowing that Jesus is going to meet me there. Bishop Bonner can PREACH! He says some blessings and answeres are purposely delayed because there are certain things he must work out in us before we get it. And you have to let God get some things worked in and fixed first with you and your life. No need to murmer and complain.  Wait on the Lord! I'm Loving it! Let God be God!

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  1. Hi beautiful apostolic sister I love all the icons as your header! Below is a link to a post I wrote months ago but the song is my favorite worship song, at the end of the post you will find another link check that other blog and the videos on it I believe you will enjoy them greatly!
    Continue to put your trust in HIM because TRuly Happy is the one who put her trust in HIM!