Saturday, August 28, 2010

Spensha Baker - Teach me

Had a friend

And so I thought

That we'd be there for each other always

I believe she was down for me

Didn't think that it would end this way

Now im wondering what went wrong

Seems I had it all figured out

Now I know it's not that simple

Can you teach me what real love's about


Teach me how to love

Teach me how to trust

teach me how to give even when I don't get enough

Teach me how to pray

Tell me what to say

cause I know without your love I can't get love so teach me love

Teach me

Verse 2:

Same thing, different day

It's starting all over again

I don't know how much I can take

I don't wanna do what's right

It's already hurt me twice

I know you told me to forgive and forget but its easier (unknown)

Cause now I've turned both of my cheeks

I'm afraid I don't have another one


I don't know what's wrong

But I try

I just wanna know your way

I don't wanna make the same mistake

I've already made

Lord i'm asking you now

Just teach me how


Tell me what to sayyy

Teach me

How to trust

OoooHow to pray what to sayy

Been through a lot of things

But they can't compare

You lay down your life for me

That's the cross you had to bear for me

so I guess its up to me

And it's how it's gotta be

don't know what I was thinking of

I guess it all goes back to loveee


Teach me how to trust lord

When I don't get enough


Teach me how to pray

What to sayy

I can't get love

Teach me lord

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