Friday, February 19, 2010

Marilynn Griffith Books are MY FAVORITE!

Marilynn Griffith is a Christain writer who writes fiction stories about single and married women. She focuses on their struggles and triumphs in life. I own just about every book that she has ever written. My favorite right now is Happily Even After. It focuses on marriage life and issues that take place after the Wedding celebration. It was honest, real and totally funny. Any saved young female can relate! Check it out :)

I also enjoyed Mom's the Word -the grass is always greener... It was very realistic and just down right funny!

I just ordered Made of Honor Life, Faith and getting it right and If the Shoe Fits- Have glass slipper; need prince. I'll let you know how those go but if they are anything like the rest of her books I'm sure that you will love them!

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